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The new STONEE app is here!

All stonees in one place, kilometres traveled or a stonee hidden close to your home.

About app

A new app for all STONEE fans! Join us to paint stonees, make friends with other stonee masters, look for and hide stonees and send them on. You can do all of that thanks to our new #STONEE app.

Paint on stonees and check how they travel around the world

Register your painted stonees in STONEE app

Do the magic and make others happy

Find all stonees on your way

Share stonees you have made or found

Be the best stonee master

Find all stonees around you

Thanks to STONEE, your trip has a clear destination now! The map in the app will show you where stonees are hidden along your way. So all you have to do is pack a snack, a friend or the whole family and go on an adventure.


1. How to start?

Join us and paint traveling stonees. Put them in a visible place so that someone else can find them and enjoy them. Sign each stone with the name of the #STONEE application and with a generated code.

2. Did you find a stonee?

Register the application first. On the main page, use the + button and enter the code written on the found stonee into the app. If the code is correct, you will see its details page. According to the journey of the stonee, you will find out how the stonee came to you. You can keep the stonee, but even better -> let it wander somewhere else again. We will be pleased if you write in the comments what will happen to the stone next.

3. How to paint?

Paint on stones with acrylic paints. Then register the stonee and rewrite the generated code on it using the STONEE application, and then repaint the stonee with clear varnish to protect your image and code.

4. What is the correct signature on the stonee?

  • App name #STONEE
  • Generated code

5. Where to place a stonee?

Place the stone in an interesting and convenient place so that stonee masters can find it. Remember that children can also look for your stonee, so choose a safe place to a suitable height. By hiding a stonee, you will be more likely to be found by another stonee master, and with the STONEE app you will be able to follow its traveling journey around the world.

Our story

We are a group of stonee fans who love to hike, paint and search for stonees. We were thinking about how we could develop this idea even further, so we created a originally Czech, comfortable and cheerful application for us and you, which will be an alternative to Facebook groups. STONEE was created to make your stonees easily traceable, you could comment on yourself and other stonees, collect kilometers and talk to other stonee masters.

We hope you like the app and enjoy it as much as we do.
We will be happy for any support for the operation of the application and its further development.